The 5TH WINTER School

Artificial Intelligence for Games

8th April 2022


Miguel is a long time programmer and gamer. It all started with Commander Keen in 5th grade because his school did not have enough students to justify hiring a German teacher. So he chose Computers as an elective instead. His life was never the same again.
Miguel Campião Romero Games
Tiago has background in Artificial Intelligence, and has dedicated most of his career to Creative Media industries. Currently he is a Technical Director at The Multiplayer Group, and before that he was a Senior Developer (VR & AR) at Exit Games – creators of Photon, the world’s #1 Multiplayer Engine. He is also the Co-President of the Portuguese Chapter of the VR/AR Association.
Tiago Loureiro Technical Director at The Multiplayer Group
Earned his PhD in Computer Science at King's College London where he researched AI Planning. During his Post Doctorate he worked on various robotic projects where he used AI Planning to create autonomous robots. Including: the EU Project PANDORA created Autonomous Underwater Vehicles that can maintain and inspect subsea infrastructure; The EU Project SQUIRREL created autonomous robots that interacts with children, plays games with them, and uses an underlying cognitive model to determine how to interact with children. In addition, he worked with various industrial partners to investigate applications for detecting and clearing mines in oceans and how to deploy instruments to search for water on Mars Rovers.
Bram Ridder Rebellion
Cristiana is currently finishing a PhD in games and working as an AI Developer/Researcher at Kythera AI. Her PhD focuses on assessment, modelling and development of human-like behaviour in video games. Previously, she has also completed a placement at Ninja Theory, where she collaborated with Microsoft Research in Project Paidia.
Cristiana Pacheco Kythera AI


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