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Tiago Loureiro Lockwood Publishing

Tiago has background in Artificial Intelligence, and has dedicated most of his career to Creative Media industries. Currently he is a Technical Director at Lockwood Publishing, and before that he was a Senior Developer (VR & AR) at Exit Games – creators of Photon, the world’s #1 Multiplayer Engine. He is also the Co-President of the Portuguese Chapter of the VR/AR Association.
Gabriella Barros

Gabriella is an AI researcher at She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from NYU and an M.Sc. from UFPE-Brazil. Her research focused on automatic playing and procedural content generation, including the generation of levels and stories.
João Dias University of Algarve

João Dias is a professor at University of Algarve, teaching courses on Affective Computing, Artificial Intelligence for Games and Logic Programing. He is also a senior researcher at INESC-ID, interested in the application of AI for Games, and developing socio-emotional characters for Serious Games.
Vincent Breton Ubisoft

With over 12 years of experience in the video game industry, Vincent has gained considerable expertise in AI/Gameplay/Animation systems. He worked at Ubisoft for eight years on Watch Dogs 1 & 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Before that, he worked on AI and animation middlewares.


Thursday, 12th November

Friday, 13th November

Robocode Challenge



  •   An arena of AI controlled tank bots;
  •   Wins the last standing bot;
  •   Bots programmed in Java or C#;
  •   Teams of one to two programmers;
  •   Teams must be registered in the AI4G School;
  •   Tournament will be by single elimination playoffs, best of three battles;
  •   Teams can be declassified if they use external code


Escola Superior de Tecnologia
Escola Superior de Tecnologia
Campus do IPCA
Vila Frescaínha S. Martinho
4750 - 810 Barcelos


Hotel do Terço

Hotel do Terço

Single – 38,70€
Double bedroom – 43,20€
Twin bedroom – 47,70€
B-Way Guest House

B-Way Guest House

Twin bedroom (1 pax – 45,00€; 2 pax 50,00€)
Double bedroom (1 pax – 55,00€; 2pax 60€)
T0 Studio (two single beds: 70,00€)
T1 Studio (two single beds or 1 double bed: 80,00€)

Hotel Art'Otel

Suite Deluxe: 105,00€
Double Superior: 80,00€ (1 pax) | 90,00€ (2 pax)
Double Superior with Kitchenette: 80,00€ (1 pax) | 90,00€ (2 pax) | 105,00€ (3 pax) | 120,00€ (4 pax)
Double Standard: 70,00€ (1 Pessoa) | 80,00€ (2 pax)
Double Standard + Sofá: 75,00€ (1 pax) | 85,00€ (2 pax)
Triple: 80,00€ (2 pax) | 90,00€ (3 pax)
Twin (2 beds): 70,00€ (1 pax) | 80,00€ (2 pax)

Getting Here


Escola Superior de Tecnologia
Campus do IPCA
Vila Frescaínha S. Martinho
4750 - 810 Barcelos